Magento 2 Developer

Our reputed company have to hire dedicated Magento 2 developer because our company have too many new projects so there is need of Magento 2 developer. We have the good environment as well as provides the full facility for the employee.

There is need of Magento 2 developer his company and work on the new technology-related project. For the Magento 2 developer, this is the right place. building the web application, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

Our Magento 2 development team helped clients, improve the website and requirements. give the information relates to business E-commerce.

We are Certified Magento 2 Development:-

Our company is helpful for his clients. And company employee have more and more knowledge about the worked experience and team leader to help every time.our company developers work to continue on the project.give the best re

Magento 2 Developer Services Pricing:-

For Magento 2 developer is no policy to fixed price to customer.there are mostly depends on the quality of the project and depends on customer needs. Depending on each customer’s needs and the rational agreement of both sides, the best price will be offered.

Magento 2 Developer services:-

  • Custom store design and development.
  • Migration to Magento 2.
  • ERP, POS, CRM System integration.
  • Website Optimization.
  • Magento 2 Support and maintenance.
  • Functionality Enhancement and Customization.
  • Mobile commerce/E-commerce app developer.

Magento 2 developer technical skills:-

  • Knowledge of life-cycle software development.
  • Knowledge of PHP, MVC, JavaScript Framework.
  • Knowledge of Magento code and system architecture.
  • Knowledge about internet techniques
  • Knowledge about web design like HTML5, CSS3, web services.
  • Knowledge must be cost/benefit analysis.

Magento 2 testing and developer:-

Magento 2 testing is the important part of the developer because testing knowledge must be known. The different types.

Functional testing and developer:– functional testing is a simple testing used for system test at a high level by remote controlling a browser.

API functional testing:The  API functional testing framework enables you to test the Magento 2  API functional from the client side check requirement.

Integration testing:-integration testing run Magento PHP code in varying degree of isolation.This option can be used for running the tests locally during development or on remote servers during Continuous Integration.

Unit tests and developer:- unit testing are used to check the simple PHP code in isolation. They are usually written during developer code.Because they do not require the full Magento application stack to be initialized, they run.

Where to find the tests in the file system:-

Each of the test types listed above corresponds to a subdirectory in <magento2 root dir>/dev/tests.

├── API-functional  
├── functional  
├── integration developer  
├── js  
├── static  
└── unit test and developer  
Each one of these test types has different requirements that must be satisfied before they can be executed.

Frontend Magento 2 Developer Guide:-

First of all, create and install storefront themes for a Magento application.develop the module and customizing the Magento admin panel design tool.

  • Stylesheet(CSS) to change colour, border, image and requirement of clients change the component.
  • No structural changes are made to pages.
  • This can be a good starting point for a site as it requires the least effort and knowledge.
  • A small step beyond changing CSS and images on your site is to make changes to the HTML generated by existing modules.
  • This requires rudimentary PHP skills to adjust PHTML template files.
  • This third level of customization is not addressed in this guide.
  • Check all detail and guide the how to design the new project.
  • Have the added knowledge of new technology.
  • Check the communication skills, Guide for details on how to develop new Magento.